Accused of contravening the law? We’re here to help

At the very heart of the justice system are the rights of the individual: that means you and your rights.

And nowhere is this more important than in the area of criminal law.

If you are suspected, arrested, or even accused of an offence then you deserve the best defence that it is possible to get.

This isn't just a legal or philosophical concept. Failure to be properly defended can be catastrophic – loss of liberty, wrongful conviction, loss of a job, withdrawal of a driving licence, a stain on your reputation. All of these can add up to a ruined life.

That is why it is critical to get the best solicitor; one skilled in local law, with years of experience, deep roots in the community and the back-up of senior colleagues. One with immediate access to the right specialists simply by lifting the telephone.

As one of Northern Ireland's leading criminal law firms, McConnell Kelly is perfectly placed to help if you find yourself a person of interest to the police or prosecution service.

Every week we represent around 100 clients in both the criminal courts and police stations, looking after their rights and making sure that, when the state exercises the significant power it possesses that it does so in a lawful and timely way.


Among our services:

  • free consultation
  • criminal and motoring cases
  • 24 hour/365 days a year call-out service
  • representing clients at police stations across NI
  • representing clients in all courts
  • crown court trials
  • remand hearing representations
  • Magistrates, crown and appeal courts
  • Youth court work.
  • Prison visits Maghaberry, Magilligan, Hydebank-Wood Young Offender's Centre and others.


Why McConnell Kelly?

Our solicitors are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to provide you with advice, support and representation through all stages of the criminal justice system.

We will make sure that the authorities have followed the letter of the law and each and every procedure that they are supposed to. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure every avenue of defence is explored on your behalf.

At the police station, everyone has the right to legal aid for free no matter their income or status, so it is free to call us.

"We pride ourselves in the area of the Criminal Law where we have been involved in many of the most significant and landmark cases this country has seen for more than 25 years. It is our hallmark and we are widely recognised as a leading criminal defence firm in Northern Ireland. Our forensic like attention to detail right from start to finish and our extensive knowledge in utilising the entire law to defend your innocence is our trademark," said Jonathan Burke, Director at McConnell Kelly.

By contacting McConnell Kelly, you can rest assured that no matter what you face you are not alone.


McConnell Kelly: Local. Trusted. On Your Side.


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