Motoring is a specialised area of the law, and Northern Ireland has its own specific motoring legislation.

There is an extensive array of driving offences that come before the courts ranging from people using their mobile telephones while driving through to excess speed, no insurance and drink driving.

Many people see motoring offences – short of very serious ones like causing death or drink driving – as 'victimless crimes'.

This is, of course, not the case in many motoring offences where there has been a collision and someone has been injured. If you have been hurt due to another driver's recklessness, careless or inattention, then you need the services of a good lawyer, in particular one skilled in motoring legislation like McConnell Kelly.

Alternatively, even if no-one has been hurt, the 'victim' of a motoring offence could end up being you – because you could lose your licence, your job and even affect relations with your family if you don't get the correct advice.

Getting proper legal representation from McConnell Kelly will ensure a trained lawyer is representing your interests right from the initial incident through to any negotiations with third parties or even appearances in court.

Additionally, there are many myths about motoring law and it is important to ask a trained solicitor and not listen to hearsay or sometimes even downright myths from friends, relatives or neighbours.

People are naturally not skilled in the ways of the law: many are still unaware, for example, of how long it takes for alcohol to dissipate in the body, or the impact even just one of today’s increasingly stronger beers can have on driving ability and the legal drink-drive limit.

Solicitor Jonathan Burke, a director at McConnell Kelly, said: “If you are accused of a motoring offence, it is important to act quickly to get proper legal advice.

“At McConnell Kelly, we can provide you with immediate advice through our on-call 24-hour emergency facility to ensure you are in the best possible position following any engagement with the police.”

For less serious offences, McConnell Kelly provides a range of services from your initial contact with the police right through to representation at courts to assist to presenting your case in the most favourable manner.

Amongst the motoring offences MK is most equipped to deal with are: speeding, driving without insurance, drink-driving, careless and dangerous driving and use of a mobile telephone whilst driving, which is becoming an increasingly common prosecution.

“We appreciate the significance of securing and maintaining your driving licence,” said Jonathan Burke. “Motoring offences can have a major impact on your livelihood – loss of employment which could lead to financial pressures like missed mortgage payments, impact on family circumstances, reputational damage and much more."


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