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With almost 50 years of legal experience, McConnell Kelly specialises in conveyancing, criminal defence, litigation, probate, family law, judicial reviews, and human rights. We operate within local communities, leveraging our intimate knowledge of the issues they face to assist in overcoming challenges and delivering the best possible outcomes.


We are a Belfast-based law firm with a long history of exellence

At McConnell Kelly, we believe in making a difference to the lives of individuals, especially in communities with vulnerable or at-risk members.

By recognising the profound impact our legal services can have on those who need it most and through close engagement, and a deep understanding of local dynamics, we will stand with you to provide personal reassurance and expertise whenever and wherever you need it most.

Explore McConnell Kelly and discover how our positive collaboration, efficiency, and integrity can create impactful outcomes for you and your community.

Thank you for considering McConnell Kelly as your trusted partner.