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Claims & Litigation

Claims & Litigation

Creating clarity for you & your family

Andrew Smyth
Andrew Smyth
028 9048 9816
028 9048 9816

Some of the civil legal services we offer:

  • Road traffic accident claims
  • Tripping or slipping claims
  • Industrial injury and accident at work claims
  • Medical negligence and clinical negligence claims
  • Criminal injury and criminal damage claims
  • Judicial review applications
  • Inquest representation
  • Parole case representation and advocacy
  • Debt recovery and small claims
  • Immigration law
  • Review Tribunal Representation


Litigation is the legal process of resolving disputes through the court system, where parties seek legal remedies or defend against claims. Our legal team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to navigate the complexities of legal disputes. Our approach is rooted in thorough preparation, strategic planning, and a commitment to achieving favourable outcomes for our clients. We understand that each case is unique, and our litigators meticulously analyse the details to develop robust arguments and legal strategies tailored to the specific needs of our clients. With a track record of successful litigation across various legal domains, McConnell Kelly stands as a reliable partner for clients seeking tenacious and effective representation in the face of legal challenges.

Civil Litigation

Our experienced litigators approach civil cases with a commitment to achieving favourable outcomes for our clients. Whether it involves contract disputes, personal injury claims, or property matters, we meticulously analyse the intricacies of each case, developing tailored strategies that align with our clients' specific needs. McConnell Kelly is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective representation, whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation in the pursuit of justice and resolution for those we serve in civil litigation matters.

Commercial Litigation

For any businesses facing legal disputes, McConnell Kelly stands as a formidable advocate. Our experienced team understands the intricate complexities of commercial law and is adept at handling cases involving contract breaches, shareholder disputes, and other business-related conflicts. We approach commercial litigation with a strategic focus on protecting our clients' interests, whether through negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, or robust courtroom representation. McConnell Kelly is dedicated to providing businesses with effective and tailored legal solutions, ensuring a steadfast ally in navigating the challenges of commercial litigation.

Dispute Resolution

Recognising that litigation can be time-consuming and costly, we prioritise resolving disputes amicably whenever possible. McConnell Kelly's approach to dispute resolution is rooted in fostering open communication, understanding our clients' objectives, and employing strategic negotiation techniques to achieve favourable outcomes without the need for protracted legal battles. Whether in the boardroom or the courtroom, we are dedicated to guiding our clients towards resolutions that align with their goals while minimising the impact of conflicts on their interests.

Contact us today to speak directly with one of our experienced litigation team members.All of our initial queries and consultations are free of charge and you are under no obligation. We will deal with each query sensitively and professionally.

"We offer a comprehensive and market leading approach to matrimonial and family law that is tailor-made to deliver the best solution for your individual circumstances,"
Patrick Kelly
McConnell Kelly Co-Founder and Director
We have represented thousands of clients in this specific area and really no two situations are a like as each case is treated on its own individual merits, but can include:
Divorce court proceedings and all associated financial arrangements
Negotiations regarding assets, finances
Access to children
We have direct access to senior counsel and forensic accounts in this arena.
Relation breakdown in all its aspects.

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